One Dentist for the Whole Family?

Can you really have one dentist serve your entire smile? Well, if you go to Cox Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, the answer is yes, you can. family dentistBring Mom, Dad, the children and even Grandma and Grandpa to this exceptional dental practice that creates treatment plans that make sense for where you and yours are in terms of age and oral health. There's no one-size-fits-all dentistry with your family dentist in Jasper, AL--just the finest preventive, restorative and cosmetic treatments you'll find anywhere.

Preventive services are foundational

Your family's oral health thrives when preventive care takes priority. At home, you make sure everyone brushes twice a day and flosses each day, too, and your diet is tooth-friendly--low in carbs and high in fiber, protein, and calcium.

Outside the home, that's where your Jasper family dentist comes in. Dr. James Cox and Dr. Adam Cox deliver comprehensive oral exams, hygienic cleanings and digital X-ray imaging. The purpose of these six-month services? Well, it's to keep tooth decay and gum disease at bay, and to:

  • Inspect the condition of existing crowns and fillings
  • Assess bite and tooth alignment
  • Do a painless and quick oral cancer screening
  • Watch children's tooth and jaw development
  • Recommend plastic sealants and fluoride treatments as added protection against tooth decay

Your Jasper family dentists translate their findings into treatment plans that take care of immediate problems and chart out preventive, restorative and aesthetic treatments as needed. Plus, emergency care is fast, accurate and timely.

Restorative treatments

Fillings, crowns, tooth replacements, root canal therapy, periodontal therapy--they are facts of life because teeth and gums are targets for oral bacteria, wear and tear and the aging process. Additionally, heredity factors into many oral health issues, and your family dentists are ready, willing and able to assist you in repairing problems such as odd tooth shape, soft enamel, and congenital absence of teeth.

So, they offer a wide range of services aimed at bringing back your teeth and gums to their best form and function--including orthodontics. Remember, when your oral health thrives, your systemic health does as well.

Cosmetic enhancements

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry says research shows that someone's smile helps project their personality. So, naturally, many of the patients at Cox Family & Cosmetic Dentistry wish to improve their smile aesthetics. Professional teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, tooth-colored filings, crowns, composite resin bonding and more craft smiles that healthy and attractive, too.

What's your need?

The professional staff at Cox Family & Cosmetic Dentistry can help every member of your family. Why go anywhere else? Call today to begin your relationship with the best in Jasper, AL family dentistry: (205) 384-4000.

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